Warning — May Contain Nuts

There follows a plea for critical thinking in approaching this site. Yes, we all like to think that we are critical and alert, but all the same, please excuse me if I remind you not to take on faith anything I write here. Having a critical common sense won’t stop you experiencing magic but it will help you avoid some of the most crass mistakes.

As magicians, we prize most highly our own direct experience. We research our experience and learn from it. Should I drop names in the text, by all means pick them up but please don’t mistake them for authorities. Nor shall I be entering into any disputes here. I merely present the fruits of my research in order to inspire you in your own.

No authority resides on this site either. After all, I am taking my own medicine and I will have learned and moved on since writing any given piece. So please don’t get stuck on any of it yourself. Don’t try any of this at home unless you accept your own grown-up responsibility for anything that happens and don’t expect anything on here to substitute for good old-fashioned medical, financial or legal advice. Crystal? Good. But if you’re still not clear, you can always ask me what I’m banging on about.


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