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Hello, I’m the Kite, and I hope that this site becomes a great resource for your explorations of chaos magic and magic for sceptics.  As an urban Druid I also offer some reflections on how it works out being a Pagan in a landscape of roads, cars and buildings.

This is a place to read, watch, enjoy, try things out.  Because we need magic.  Badly.  Really badly.  Western civilization has lost the plot completely and we’re all being sedated while our leaders, movers and shakers screw it all up. I mean, did you ever really think that life is all about wasting your time in a job you don’t like to service your debts for stuff you didn’t know you didn’t need? No, it doesn’t make an ounce of sense, does it?

And they say magic is nonsense.

Nonetheless we’re being sold this lost plot through the media and being lulled to sleep with – let’s face it – inane entertainment.   And if we should start to shake ourselves awake and think ‘Hang on a minute, this is all wrong!’ we can be frightened back into doing nothing about anything by means of scary news that proves we need the rich and powerful to look after us.

Okay, rant over, I promise.  Let’s get on to the good stuff.  The good stuff is what magic can do for you and yours.  Firstly, you can learn ways of changing yourself and your world that our dysfunctional society doesn’t know about, doesn’t acknowledge and therefore can’t interfere with.  Y’know, spells and so on.

Secondly, precisely because spells and so on aren’t supposed to work, as you experience for yourself the blunt fact that they do, your eyes open and you wake up to the fact that you’re not an isolated individual lost in an infinite space;  you’re part of a dance, a show, a game called Universe, and it’s what you were born to do.

Hence the motto of this whole site is Research Your Own Experience of Magic.  The point of this site is to assist you in exploring your experience of magic and in your researches on your experience.  And the unfolding results of this are that you can make your own life more to your liking, become a fully awake player in our wonderful game of Universe and even put back into your society the magic it’s been missing for too long.  Is that cool or what?

Two things you should know up front though (which is why they’re on the front page, natch).  Firstly, no amount of reading about magic, speculating about it, arguing about it or (ahem) blogging about it could possibly substitute for doing it.  Magic is a path of Gnosis, which is to say you must experience it for yourself.  Nobody else’s experiences or ideas will convince you or reveal a damned thing.  You gotta go through it yourself.  The Kite’s Cradle exists only to encourage you to do that.  That’s why you won’t find any High Truths, Holy Books or gurus.  That’s why you will find instead resources, experimental ideas, grist to the mill and the companionship of fellow explorers like me.

Secondly, we humans still haven’t learned that anything in our culture, from fire, cars and guns to religion, science and magic all make great servants but lousy masters. You can kill people with fire, cars and guns or with religion, science and magic.  Or not.  It’s up to you.  So you might want to decide up front to be the master, not the servant, take responsibility for the decisions you make and their consequences, and be free.

So I hope this all sounds good to you, and that wherever you are in your magic we can help each other along and have amazing times.  The magician, fired up with the mojo, is an awesome being, and this awesome being is you.  So let’s be awesome!


5 thoughts on “Welcome to The Kite’s Cradle of Chaos Magic”

  1. Hey Kite, I love your blog. I am sorry to say that I never saw your message about continuing to sort for the Urban Druid name. I was having issues with spam and didn’t see it. I know you have already moved forward, but if you still want to use urbandruid, you can! I’m sorry to let you know this so late in the game. Though I do like the title you chose. What area are you in again? I’m interested in the things you post about.

    1. Thank you Alexandra. You can see what I did in the end, and this is good enough for me. I hope you can browse around my site and enjoy. Heddwch: peace. Kite

  2. Hi Kite, I admire your site, not what I expected. Useful information and guidance for us fellow psychonaut’s. I would like to open up correspondence with you via email, I feel we have a lot to discuss and work needs to be done.

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